general rules:

•  items will be measured to give you an accurate size
•  items will be listed with a postage price
•  if items are ordered payment must be made within 24 hours or else the order will default
•  there will be two mailing days each week, Mondays and Thursdays (this is to make things a bit more efficient and get orders out on time and it also saves me a bit of time)
•  please note regarding a cash deposit: it will carry an extra fee of R25, this is what the bank charges me for the deposit, and because of the prices of the garments i can unfortunately not carry these costs
•  sapo insured postage will be used
•  collections must be made within 48 hours
•  items will not be kept aside for more than 48 hours
•  no deliveries will be made, you can either have the item mailed to you, collect it in cape town at a location or come collect it at the closet
•  items are first come first serve
•  you will need to send me a mail to to order the garment, or you will need to leave your e-mail address with your comment, if you fail to do so it will go to the next person inline
•  no e-mail / e-mail address no purchase
•  only the first inlines are emailed, or else it gets to be a bit confusing, and it takes up a lot of time mailing everyone
•  time stamps are checked on the comments to insure that the first inline is contacted (if i do make a mistake please mail me and i will correct it)
•  once the garment is mailed you will be supplied with a tracking number, you are then able to track the progress of your package online
• overnight postage is available however the cost of this is R80

• please note i am not held responsible if parcels are not claimed. to resend the parcel will be on your expense. tracking numbers have been supplied, it is your responsibility to check and pick up the parcels

outfit love rules?

•  a few outfits will be posted everyday
•  within the first two hours of the upload the first inline will be contacted, you will need to confirm your order by the end of the working day or else it will go to the second inline

•  collections must be within a maximum of 48 hours
•  if there is more than one garment available the first people in line will be contacted, this means if there is two garments two of you will be contacted


•  so you are not entirely happy with what you got in the mail, now what do you do?
•  send me a mail

•  the item(s) can be mailed back to me, and you get store credit, so you can exchange it for whatever you want.
   (if the item you want is of a higher value than your original purchase you will have to pay in the difference)
•  exchanges must be made immediately when receiving the parcel, if you have not exchanged your garment within one week of receiving it, your time has lapsed on the garment
•  please note parcels can be tracked via SAPO and collection dates can be seen on the site
•  i mail it back to you and problem solved!
•  remember i want you to be a happy customer, it's all about love here, not just the love of vintage but also for the love of happiness and awesome clothes

why so may rules?

well i needed to keep it fair and square, to give as many of you as i can the chance to own a piece of vintage goodness.
i also needed some rules and regulations to make life easier for myself, as sometimes it gets to be a bit much, and very time consuming.
as i have two jobs i have to maximize my time, in order to get everything done everyday.
and i want to give you the best service i can!

i hope you are all as excited as i am!
i have loads of awesome goodies to share with you! ♥

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